Adding Objects to *rgb Data

Written by Owen Phillips. Email Dr. Katherine Narr if you have any questions. For more information, see the protocols page.

This protocols explains how to overlay objects on DTI data in BrainSuite 2.45. This protocol is the second in this series; you should have completed part 1 before starting.

Part 2: Overlaying Objects on DTI Data

  1. In order to add your DTI data to the objects reopen a fresh brainsuite. Load your *rgb file as your Volume.

    Load color map *rgb
  2. Drag in the mask you wish to use. In this case I dragged in my left Hemisphere.img as my mask.

    Left hemisphere mask on colormap
  3. Open the mask tool and Apply to MRI. Leave the mask tool.

    Apply to MRI
  4. Right click the image and take off the mask Volume.
    This will remove the green outline.

    Left hemisphere of colormap, without green outline
  5. Load your GL View and drag in the objects you wish to add.
    I am adding the left frontal hemisphere and the left cingulate gyrus.

    Objects applied to hemisphere
  6. You can now play around with the GL view object options and Display Properties to create the look you need.

    ROI objects overlayed on DTI data

Some Useful tips: