Data Transfer From UCLA Brain Mapping Center

Written by Owen Phillips. Email Dr. Katherine Narr if you have any questions. For more information, see the protocol page.

  1. To transfer data from the BMC server, you will need a BMC username and password.
  2. Start a command line terminal. On windows, a program like PuTTY will work, or if you are on a mac, use the terminal or a X11 terminal. If you haven't used basic unix type command lines before, check out this tutorial:
  3. SSH into the bmc server. For example: ssh -X Note, logging into the bmap server is unnecessary if you already know the path to the data. However, it's helpful if you don't know the exact path.
  4. Navigate to the data. For example: cd /Volumes/BMC9/dicom4/KNARRGROUP. Change directories to the subject you want to transfer over. You can use the command "psw" - present working directory. This will tell you the directory you are in. For example: /Volumes/BMC9/dicom4/KNARRGROUP/STUDENT_TEST_RW
  5. To transfer over the data, log into qsub. This requires a LONI login and username. For example: ssh -X
  6. Navigate to the directory you want to transfer the data to. For example: cd /ifs/..../DEPRESSION
  7. SCP the data over. For example: scp -r .
  8. You will be prompted for your password.
  9. The data will then transfer.