This protocol will show you how to display glyphs on DTI images in BrainSuite. Email Dr. Katherine Narr if you have any questions. For more information, see the protocols page.

  1. Load a *.eigen file as your Volume.

    Volume Display Properties window
  2. Open "Volume Display Properties" and load your mask data.

    Loading mask data
  3. Open the Mask Tool, then click the "Apply mask to MRI" button. Close the mask tool.

    Apply mask to MRI
  4. On the MRI image right click and take away the option for Mask Volume.

    Remove Mask Volume option
  5. In GLView you can now look at your masked DTI data.

    3D View of DTI Data
  6. Right-click and take off the volume display. This will leave only the Tensor Glyph data.

    Glyphs only
  7. There are many options you can play with to change the look of the image. If you right-click on the image while in GL view there is an option for Glyphs which allows manipulation of the data.

    Right clicking on the 3D GLView window
  8. Under "Volume Display Properties" there is an option to change the size of your tensor Glyphs.

    Change the size of your tensor glyphs in Volume Display Properties

Some Useful tips:

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