Sulcal Line Drawing in Shapeviewer

Written by Owen Phillips and Shantanu Joshi. Email Dr. Katherine Narr if you have any questions. For more information, see the protocols page.

Dicom to analyze.img
Close up on an Object surface mesh


This protocol will allow you to do sulcal line drawing in Shapeviewer.jar. To run, download ShapeViewer and the following plugins and curve protocol:

  1. CurveDrawIOPlugin
  2. SelectionPlugins
  3. sulcal_protocol

You will also need Java 3D, which you can download from the Oracle website.

To run Shapeviewer.jar:
Windows: Open a command prompt and type the following to give the jar file more memory.
Java -jar -Xmx900M Shapeviewer.jar
Or Apple: Open a Terminal and type:
Java -jar -Xmx900M Shapeviewer.jar
It will also work by double clicking but this way it will run faster:

Once Shapeviewer is open:

  1. Load in a surface.
  2. Click "Advanced" and "Load Shapeviewer PluginJar" - select SlectionPlugins.jar
  3. Repeat step 2 and select - CurveDrawIOPlugin.jar
  4. Click "Advanced" and check the box "Pick Points"
  5. In the right hand side it will say "Modules" Click the Arrow and select "CurveDraw"
  6. Click on Load Protocol and open "suclcal_protocol.txt"

From here, you can draw the sulcal lines by clicking on the surface. For a specific line drawing protocol, see &