TBM Atlas Generation

Written by Owen Phillips. Email Dr. Katherine Narr if you have any questions. For more information, see the protocols page.

Dicom to analyze.img
TBM Generated Atlas

Tensor based morphometry requires all your study subjects to be registered together so that an atlas can be generated. To download the pipeline TBM_Make_Atlas right click.

  1. Set the Raw Input Files: These are all the subjects to be included in your atlas generation.
  2. Set the 1st Subject: This is just used so that histograms can be standardized.
Outputs: You don't need all of these outputs. The important one is the 4-step MDT atlas. However, they are nice to have in case you want backup or need to check the registrations.
  1. Common Air Files
  2. Resliced Volumes to common space
  3. Affine mean image
  4. 3 step MDT
  5. 4-step MDT - this is the final atlas that you will use to generate your jacobians.